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Gaming On Bitcoin

Game of Blocks is bringing On Chain Gaming to Bitcoin It uses the newest /r/inscription recursive endpoint to allow for onchain gaming to be possible on Bitcoin

It involves 3 phases The first 2 phases determine which tier character you end up with, which will then yield [???] in phase 3 (still to be announced)

GOB involves a combination of game theory, tokenomics and dynamic artwork to create a constantly evolving experience as the game progresses GOB was airdropped for free to almost 80,000 unique bitcoin addresses from over 160 ordinals collections Supply began at 88888 and is now deflationary every cycle GOB is complex yet simple at its core The easiest strategy is to just HOLD The default option is do nothing. If you hold a GOB inscription you are automatically playing Phase 1 was for advanced players and risk takers who knew or wanted to learn how to reinscribe Phase 2 and 3 are much simpler and easy to play for everyone Phase 2 begins on Block 837440

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