Phase 3 - The Mime (ONGOING)

▣ Magic Internet Money Extraction ▣

Every inscription extracts Magic Internet Money (aka Runes)

The lower the tier, the more it extracts

Magic Internet Money is Magic Internet Money

It's all a meme

You can buy it, sell it, hold it, burn it

It might go up, it might go down, it might go up again

But at the end of the day, it's Magic Internet Money

Lower Tier = Higher Yield

Halvening Reward

The MIME Halvening Reward will occur just after block 840,000

Halvening Reward goes to the holder of each inscription (no mining)

Halvening Reward = 80% of Total Supply

Total supply is decided by how all players play the game

Final Tiers after the final cycle of Phase 2 decide the total supply

Total supply will be confirmed 210 Blocks before the halvening (block 839,790)

What are runes?

Runes are a fungible token protocol for Bitcoin.


"Fungible tokens are, without exaggeration and nearly without exception, a vile abyss of hopium, scams, and incompetence.

Runes are no different.

If you want to make money, buy bitcoin." - Casey Rodarmor

"If you want to play with Magic Internet Money, play GOB" - Gobfather


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