Phase 1 - The Split (COMPLETED)

Gaming On Bitcoin

Objective: Less GOBs - Higher Yield

Phase 1 is complete and will no longer work

This information is here, purely for historical reasons for people to see how the game was played

How to play?

Each character on your inscription is called a GOB

Every inscription starts as a single GOB

Every 144 block cycle this will automatically split

The number of GOBs on your inscription will double


1. RISK - Reinscribe

The only way to stop the SPLIT is RISK

Reinscribe the text GOB to RISK

At the end of each cycle all RISKED GOBs learn their fate

  • Survive and freeze in its current tier - stop splitting (good)

  • DIE

Every cycle the chance of survival improves

Every cycle the reward decreases

Timeline and chance of survival below:


Do nothing and wait for Phase 2


RISK early and survive = GRAIL tier GOBs

Don’t risk, save your GOBs and play in Phase 2


Do NOT connect to unknown links

Do NOT send to unknown addresses

You do not need to pay us to play

If someone says you do, it's a scam

All information will be provided through the children of:

Or through our official Twitter @gob_btc


None of this is financial advice

This is a game

Play at your own risk

Its Magic Internet Money


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